Caged Bird Publishing

Caged Bird Publishing, assist with the publishing efforts of a creative writer and artists exploring a range of topics, all of them hopeful variations on the bleaker qualities of the human existence. Each ARTIST is a reflection of freedom, fear, and growth in adversity. Ranging from battlegrounds of abuse, Military Veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome disorder (PTSD), street or gang life to the hell of violent crime. All facets of addiction to the existential challenges of everyday life. This can range from poetic expressions of a loveless or broken marriage, to the most happiest moment of your life. I Danielle Ferreira founded Caged Bird Publishing in 2014. I take pride in helping people tell their stories, and spreading the word about their latest endeavors. I utilize a variety of tools to keep readers and authors informed, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs and YouTube. For more information on Caged Bird Publishing, continue to visit this site as well as our Facebook and Twitter pages. Please follow our blog, where authors post poetry and creative insights on current events.
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